No KD- You're The Man-- Why I Can't Stop Watching This Speech

I've always loved sports. I've never liked the statistics of sports though, no that's why I don't love sports. I love sports, because of the discipline, the challenges, and the person you become and watch others become through the process. 

I can't stop watching Kevin Durant's MVP speech for so many reasons. 

In a moment of so much attention, recognition, and platform for ego, he is anything but that. He is humble, and that just sets the tone. He slowly toyed the microphone up, and then began his speech by saying that God had changed his life, and basketball is just a platform for that. 

Then, there's a quick flash to his Mom. Seriously, Mom's they just know. They have some ESP or something, her eyes told so many stories. Her eyes tell it all pride, strength, joy, and the power of overcoming obstacles.

KD begins to tell the tale of his beginnings, then quickly shifts the focus to his team mates. He calls them out by name, then adds a characteristic with a short story on how they've made an impact on his game and his life. It wasn't cheesy or self serving, it was anything but that it. The shout outs were genuine, and it was a peek into what makes KD so special as a friend, and teammate, his leadership, his encouragement, and his humor.

Basketball is a team sport, it's a team platform. However, so many times ego, fame, and skill distract from the truth that there is way more than one player, one player's custom sneaker deals, one person's remarks being played over in the media. Because it's not a one person game, it's a team game, and teams have to rely on one another to be successful. 

From the players KD has known the longest to the ones he's known for a few weeks, he had something to say about everyone. "I thank you man, I appreciate you."

"You made me look way better than I am." 

The stories continued, and as KD called each one by one, their eye contact spoke volumes. It was evident there was so much more depth to their relationship than a title like teammate, they are family. 

Thanks for teaching me to grow "as a man first, and a basketball player next"

Then, when Kevin comes to his family, the raw emotion, and the story he tells mirrors something we can all relate to. 

"Single parent with 2 boys by the time you were 21 years old. Everyone told us we weren't supposed to be there. We moved from apartment to apartment by ourselves. One of the best memories I have is when we moved into our first furniture, and we just all j sat in the living room, hugging each other, because that's when we thought we made it."

"When something good happens to you, I don't know about you guys, but I tend to look back at what brought me here."

KD then details a montage of the hardships of the game paralleled with life, and how his Mom would make sure everything was taken care of for her sons, even meaning if that meant she went to bed hungry. "You're the real MVP"- KD to his Mom. 

Finally, KD thanks God again, because he is the alpha/omega. Beginning and end. 

Seriously, these moments are the reasons why I love sports. Sports are a platform to the character that is sharpened, strengthened, and instilled in men and women like KD. In the end it's not even about us, and KD opened and closed with that. 

We all have those beginning moments like KD we look back on in times of challenge and strife. Those people in our lives who have encouraged, built, and challenged us which made us into who we are today. Thank you KD for the reminders today, God is the focus, family is the foundation, and friends, teammates, coaches, etc. can all teach you lessons.