Welcome to the new If You Can Dream It Do It!


I’m seriously SO excited to share the new makeover! It’s been months in the making. 

My hope and desire for this site is to bring a little more joy, hope, and a lot of “me too” moments by sharing, highlighting, and interviewing influential and well known athletes, celebrities, musicians, and entrepreneurs about their journey towards their dream

For the past 6 years I’ve worked as an entertainment reporter in Los Angeles, and something I was constantly inspired by transcended past the confinement of a headline, it was the sheer tenacity these Grammy award winning musicians, Oscar winning actors, and world class athletes possessed. They simply dreamt, and did it. However, it wasn’t a cake walk, and it’s one that is rarely ever truthfully told, because as a society we love the overnight success, the underdog who wins, but we fail to realize or know the footnotes, the chapters in between, so this is a place dedicated to telling more of the journey.

By breaking the glass box that we’ve put so many celebrity and public figures in, I think you’ll find like I did on those hundreds of red carpets, there really isn’t much difference between you and I.

Challenges, struggles, fear, opposition is so engrained in the journey of a dreamer, yet those that succeed are the ones who choose to have faith, who continually show up despite their circumstances. That’s my hope for you too, that those that you look up to can inspire you more than they already do, by having a platform that gives well known figures the courage to tell more of the honest side of their journey, so that you don’t feel alone, and inspired!

The site was born in 2011, and the phrase, “If You Can Dream It, Do It” was coined by one of the greatest dreamers, Walt Disney. The dreaming is easy; it’s the confidence and courage to take the steps towards doing that can make it complicated.

Cheers to you my dreamers, thanks for joining the journey, and I can’t wait to share more!



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