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Fostering True Community with Sophia Bush and Ruthie Lindsey

"This world has become so digitized. We’re all craving that human experience of creativity and the intimacy and the spontaneity that comes from space and slowness; what a neat thing to realize that now we’ve gotten so digital as a community of creatives in many different avenues that everyone’s sort of going, ‘Oh right, community is analog.' You can meet on the internet, but you have be what you say you are on the internet to sustain relationships in person.” -Sophia Bush

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Reba Cries As Lauren Alaina Wins CMT Breakthrough Artist Of The Year

Alaina admitted, "I don't know what to do," as she clutched her shiny new CMT award. "Reba McEntire just gave me an award!" The excitement and emotions that bubbled through Alaina's voice touched Reba who shed a few tears of her own as she watched Alaina addressing the audience. The camera caught one quick glimpse, however being in the audience, I was able to see just how touched Reba was by the moment, and the tears that followed.

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Erin Condren Gets Candid On Building A $40 Million Dollar Brand

You probably already know her name, because of the amazing LifePlanner™s her brand creates among hundreds of other beautiful products! Like any great entrepreneur Condren started small. She went from printing things at her home to selling over a million LifePlanner™s! In a world that's gone digital, and has lost touch with the sentiment of hand written notes and writing things down, Condren has found her niche! For those that doubted along the way, Condren's numbers alone prove the critics wrong. Just last year, Business Insider noted that it's a $40 MILLION dollar brand! Not only is Condren a successful entrepreneur, she's also a wife, and a mom, balancing it all. We dive into those first steps creating her business, the challenges along the way, how she balances everything, and gives some of the BEST advice I have heard for dreamers out there.

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