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Reba Cries As Lauren Alaina Wins CMT Breakthrough Artist Of The Year

Alaina admitted, "I don't know what to do," as she clutched her shiny new CMT award. "Reba McEntire just gave me an award!" The excitement and emotions that bubbled through Alaina's voice touched Reba who shed a few tears of her own as she watched Alaina addressing the audience. The camera caught one quick glimpse, however being in the audience, I was able to see just how touched Reba was by the moment, and the tears that followed.

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Hometown Whisky Tour With Dustin Lynch Chatting Small Town Roots And Big City Dreams

"When I wrote this one, I thought this one feels different. I don't know what it is about it, but this one feels special. Fast forward years later, and it's our first single that went to country radio, and it ends up being the song that changed my life."

The night was a sweet one, thanks George Dickel for the hospitality, and Dustin Lynch for the tunes, proving no matter what stage you play there's just something about returning to your roots. An attribute that George Dickel and Dustin Lynch both know well.


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Todd O'Neill Talks Brand New Single #LoveAgain

Todd O’Neill recently won the Nash Next competition, which delivers an impressive prize package. O’Neill won a record deal with Big Machine Label group (the same label who has Taylor Swift, Thomas Rhett, and Reba on their roster), radio air play from Cumulus, and his single was produced by Rascal Flatts, Jay DeMarcus. Learn how he snagged his single from Brett Young, how his dad inspired him to go after his dreams, and how his life has changed since winning Nash Next!

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Nikki Yanofsky Talks Solid Gold And Singing To Beyonce

Nikki Yanofsky is a rising star who's worked with everyone from Quincy Jones to Stevie Wonder. She's been featured in She's been featured in the NY Times, Billboard, People, CNN, InStyle, Yahoo Music, Huffington Post.

Yanofsky encourages young artists, "It's always darkest before the dawn, and if you can overcome that, and let the passion for music drive you, you're going to break it." 

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Dolly Parton Gets Candid on Roots, Inspiration, and Career

"You’ve got to know who you are, you’ve got to appreciate who you are, you’ve got to know your limitations if there are any, or to know that there are none, you have to really know who you are, what you’re willing to sacrifice, how hard you’re willing to work. So, if you can know you, and you can really connect with who you are, and be comfortable with that, then you usually can connect to other people."

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Chris Tomlin Went From Sports Medicine to Award Winning Musician

Chris Tomlin went from once being on a path to study sports medicine to being an award winning musician. Tomlin opens up about his riskiest dream yet, the challenges along the way, new projects, and advice to other dreamers out there!

"There were no record companies beating down my door, there was no publishers, there was no album. I didn't have a band, there was none of that. It was me, an acoustic guitar, and my 4-runner."

It's been small steps. it's A to B, B to C, C to D, not A to Z. It's just small steps, and being faithful in those steps.

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