Red Lipstick & Waiting

                  The whole concept of waiting really fascinates me. I'm not really sure why. Maybe, because waiting is difficult, but those that wait seem to find much more pleasure in what they wait for. Waiting seems to be especially difficult for my generation, because to be honest we really haven't had to experience waiting that much. If you need to get a hold of someone, you can try multiple social networks and iphone apps as well as calling to get a hold of them. Waiting for us has been defined as waiting for a text message that is returned in just a few hours. If we want to share pictures with friends we simply upload them from our phone within the same night. We don't have to wait for pictures to be developed, we can see what they look like as quickly as seeing our reflection in a mirror. If we missed our favorite TV show, we don't have to wait for a rerun because we can simply find it on Netflix, Youtube, or Hulu. We have been raised in such a way with technology that if we want it, we'll most likely get it within the same day. Waiting is simply something we are not used to. So, that makes it that much harder and foreign to those around you if you are waiting. When you're waiting for something you seem to stick out as if you're standing still in the middle of rush hour in Times Square. Since I've moved to Los Angeles I've realized this more and more. I live in a city of instant gratification, where waiting seems like a foreign concept to most.

                  The thing about waiting is it takes patience and discipline.

 This past Thursday I was so brilliantly reminded about how important and rewarding it is to wait. 

                   If I order a package you better believe I'm tracking that puppy every few hours online, yet it still remains in Illinois or wherever it may be. So, when I ordered a new dress for an event I had on Friday I eagerly awaited for it to arrive. When it arrived on Wednesday it was way too big and not even alterable. So, I set out a day before the event searching for something else. My patience wore thin amongst the dismaying racks of Nordstrom. So I decided maybe just a piece of chocolate and new lipstick might boost my spirits, and remembered I had an old dress in my closet I could pep up. So with chocolate in my system I set out to the makeup counters looking for a great red lip color. The pinks, oranges, and reds began to blend together. The neighboring brand and makeup artists working for the brand counter next to the one I was looking at must have seen my frustration and offered to help. Upon a quick exchange, I was sitting in the chair and they were quickly working to turn my frazzled makeupless face into something that wouldn't scare the little kids running around the store, ha. Upon finishing they told me to come the next day and they'd do it for free for the event. So, the next day I greeted the familiar faces and plopped down in the makeup chair. With a few strokes of eyeshadow, our cordial conversation began getting deeper. I soon learned about my makeup artist's life. Her journey of life, her kids, and what she's learned along the way. She too began learning a bit about me and with that came my faith, morals, and standards. Shock graced her face as she swiped my cheeks with bronzer. Her shock, turned into honesty, which turned into wisdom. She cataloged huge events in her life in which she didn't wait and then contrasted them with one where she did. Her eyes became teary as she remembered the moment at which she finally got what she had been waiting for. As she finished dabbing on my red lipstick she encouraged me to continue waiting. It was such a sweet reminder and the encouragement and wise life lessons I received were quite an unexpected surprise since I had just set out to buy red lipstick.

You see our generation seems to view waiting as weakness, but I was quickly reminded by the makeup artist even though others may think it's a sign of weakness it's really a sign of strength. Waiting shouldn't be considered laziness but a sign of discipline and obedience.

"Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:14

"Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we're waiting for." Charles Stanley

So whether it's waiting on where the Lord is calling you or waiting for the right one. Don't be discouraged, wait patiently, and wait with


. It's crazy how buying a tube of red lipstick turned into a great reminder of the importance of waiting.