Jordan Jones of Packed Party

Today, we are interviewing and spotlighting Jordan Jones, the founder of Packed Party!

Each person spotlighted is a true testament to the saying that founded this blog, “If You Can Dream It, Do It,” and Jordan is no different. 

At 24, she has taken a late night idea, and has turned it into a full fledged lifestyle brand. What I love most about her story is her willingness, tenacity, and sheer creativity that continues to drive Packed Party as well as inspire others. 

Jordan’s “willingness” is displayed from the beginning even before starting Packed Party, Jordan moved to San Francisco without knowing anyone. 

“I just knew I had to be there, 

and so she moved, without having a concrete plan, and without knowing a soul.

Packed Party was born late one night after a phone call with her Mom

where she was having a "Pity Party" for herself, the idea that sparked the concept


Jordan went to bed early, and woke up with the dream



fter waking up from her dream about being able to send packaged parties to yourself or someone else

, she stayed up, sketching, and stretching her idea. This is so essential when dreaming big, you 

must see it through.

Jordan's Original Packed Party On the Bottom Left

In the morning, Jordan called her Dad eager to tell him about the new idea. The perfect party for one, a Packed Party! Filled with things to help accommodate your party. Jordan had already scoured the internet, and didn't find anything 


 Her Dad was a little reluctant at first, inquiring,

 “I don't know Jordan, What will the packages be called?

Jordan tells us,

 “I told him one of the names, “The Birthday Beb!”, and her Dad said, “I don’t know, that’s not even a real word. ..You want to appeal to everyone” 

But, Jordan called her friend’s Bebs, thought it was clever, fun, and ultimately stuck to her gut. 

So, The Birthday Beb Packed Party was born. (And is one of the company's best sellers to this date!)

Jordan’s Dad told her, 

“I’ll let you sell about 5 of these. This is all you Jordan. You don’t know anything about a business.” 

Jordan admitted she might not know the ins and outs of business, but she understood a brand, and knew that this could be something huge. 

Jones says, 

“I came up with everything that weekend.”

Another attribute that is key with dreaming big, is being persistent, and following through.

Here’s where Jordan’s cleverness and creativity really came through, she took her idea to Buzzfeed crafting an article about the fun idea of a girl who started Packed Party, and well, it went viral. 

“I was selling them out of my apartment in San Francisco. Then, my Mom started helping me package them from their little brownstone’s garage in Dallas. No body knew my Mom was packaging them. Our orders went to 2 a day to 5 a day to 20 to 50 a day.” 

Jordan continued saying,



Mom’s my best friend. 

The orders started exploding, and eventually her Mom joked to Jordan,

“You've created a monster- I’m going to kill you.” 

Jordan’s overnight business that began in a weekend was now surging in orders. Eventually Fed Ex came to Jordan’s parent’s door saying, “

we need at least 2 people to come and pick up your packages every day. Have you thought about a fulfillment company?

Jones said her Dad also told her it would be a good idea. So, as with every great new business, it grew, and it 

grew quickly


“Now, we have a fulfillment company in Chicago that’s about the size of a small grocery store, and they package everything.” 

What amazes me is that Jordan is a one woman show. Yes, she has her family for advisement, but other than an initial loan from her grandparents, there are no other investors. Jordan told me from the beginning it was important to not only think like a big brand, but act like one. 

“Even in the beginning it was never me, it was always



I couldn’t believe she shoots all of their content, does customer service, manages the fulfillment company, works with media, etc. Even when I was 

chatting with Jordan, she mentioned she went to take a Photoshop class recently. Amazing! That's what it takes. It takes identifying what you need, what your business needs, and not letting excuses get in the way. Jordan is a dreamer and a doer. 

Each package is filled with fun contents such as, a confetti push pop in the “Birthday Beb”, a silky and sassy sleep mask in the “You Pampered Thing, You”, and Sugarfina candy. Jordan is extremely hands on, 

“every single package, I pick the content, and write the packages.”

Jordan now has FIFTY vendors that are included in the Packed Parties. 

“When I first started this, I was calling vendors and saying to them, this is the next big thing, and they’d be like, ‘Who are you again?’ But, then they took a chance on me. They all took a chance on me.” 

In dreaming big, it takes that courageous confidence to sell your idea, to get others to “join the party,” along the way, and Jordan’s vendors are a perfect example.

One of Jordan's vendors, recently shared 



“I’ve watched you grow from the beginning, you were this young girl who had this dream of a business.

I barely know Jordan, and I felt the same way when hearing her story. From her bedroom floor to a 


 company as a large a small grocery store in less than a year! 

Each piece of Packed Party is thoroughly thought through. The packages are Navy, and when I asked Jordan, “Why Navy?” I expected, a favorite color response or something short, but her explanation was perfect. 

“Anyone can wear black. But, the girl that wears navy..It’s kind of that surprise.”

Also, Navy lends itself to broader future themed packages.

Jordan proves that if you dream it, you really can do it, her hard work ethic, drive, and attention to detail is what has kept her dream alive, along with the support of her family. When I asked about her fears or if this time was scary, she was honest, 

There’s been a lot of fears. I’ve given up a lot to do this. 

I know that 


 is something more. I just know something more is supposed to happen. 

It's true. She's building a brand. Scratch that, she's BUILT a brand. Jordan even established a college campus representatives program, called Leader of the Packed, and there are 


 50 girls across the US representing Packed Party. The program began when a 


 inquired about if she had a student representative program. Jordan responded yes, drew up the plan that afternoon, and well the rest is history. There are now 50 "Leaders of the Packed"

across the US. Jordan says,


’m working for the greater good of something. I’m so connected and wrapped up in it. We even have a snapchat now, and girls are snap chatting us. People send me Snapchats in their navy clothes, or at their girls

 night. It's amazing!"

Recently, Jordan had a moment with her parents


Her Dad said,

"you know Jordan, Packed Party is really doing well."

She said,

"Yeah, Dad I know, I'm really building a lifestyle brand."

A brand, a movement of confident, courageous, women.

They both had a teary eyed moment of realization, what Packed Party has become. Jordan noted many times when we chatted, "

My parents are so supportive,"

and she admitted her first ah-ha moment was when a package was delivered 2 doors down to where she created the idea.

Jordan says,

"I texted my parents, and of course I wanted to inspect it, but I left it there."

Her parents have been there from the beginning, encouraging her along the way, but Jordan has done it. She's taken a late night idea and built a brand.

I hope you find Jordan's story as inspiring and encouraging as I did. I love her response when I inquired about why it worked so well when pitching to vendors, "

I was real and I was myself."

Jordan encourages you, 

Anybody with the time and motivation, can do everything I’m doing in a different space.

That's why Jordan works as hard as she does. She's constantly innovating. Her parents have been a pillar of support, but also offered that initial push back. Of course, they laugh about it now, but if Jordan had listened to her Dad, and altered the names she had created, they might not be best-sellers. It's essential when dreaming big, to listen to your gut. Listen to the beat that's instilled within you, because it's your beat, it's your dream. Jordan's creativity to think "outside the box" came through when she went to Buzzfeed with her idea, and was a perfect formula to kickstart her sales in a large way. Then, her tenacity and courage to cold call vendors to have them "join the party," is 


 truly admirable, and to be just 24 years old is incredible. Packed Party is only going to get bigger, with 50 campus representatives, shipping 


, and tv spots, it's a brand that's here to stay. Jordan's tenacity, willingness to grow, and creativity are qualities I think are essential to dreaming big, and are testaments to why Packed Party is so successful, and will continue to be.

Thanks to Jordan for sharing her story, and for Dreaming Big. 

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