JJ Watt Follows In Father's Footsteps And Becomes A Firefighter

Earlier in the year, I interviewed Houston Texans' player JJ Watt, and when I asked him who his hero was, he didn't skip a beat.

"My dad was a firefighter. My mom worked her way up from secretary of her company to being the vice president. I really respected their work ethics, and respected how they went about their daily business. My parents would definitely be my childhood heroes." It was his heroes, his parents, who instilled the work ethic that we consistently see outperforming others in games. 

Watt received the unique experience to walk in his hero's shoes, thanks to Gatorade's Beat the Heat Educational Fund. The NFL star headed back to his hometown of Pewaukee, WI to become a firefighter for the day. 

Watt's dad, John, smiled proudly as he watched his son take on some basic training in the firefighter gear. He smirked knowing full and well how tough the process can be, "he's acting tough now, let's just see what happens."

The process proved to be tough, and as JJ put it, "put me under the table," with the heavy gear, quick paced drills, and heat. 

The 27-year-old summed up how powerful the experience was, "

We get headlines, and we're playing a game. These guys don't get the headlines, but they're the ones that save lives. Between them, and the police, and the military - I mean - those are people that are doing stuff that matters because they are true heroes..."

JJ and John Watt

Watch the full clip below:

Just like dreams, heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and professions. Thank you to the heroes out there keeping us safe.