Fog Brings Clarity

I recently took a road trip, one of my favorite things to do is just get out, and explore.  


was kind enough to let me take their new ELR for the trip, and it was the perfect road trip vehicle. 

When my friend Alex and I headed back to LA from SF, it was a misty, foggy day. Although I have to be honest. I was pretty bummed at first, because we had this awesome car, and I was hoping for incredible scenic photos. The day was capped with white, billowy fog. 

Of course, long hours get you thinking, and I started thinking how it paralleled to life. It wasn't the sunshine-y perfect weather I had imagined it would be. Instead, it was the exact opposite. Overcast, gloomy, and fog blanketed the mountains and swept the top of the ocean. 

At one point, I was worried that we had gone this more scenic route, adding on significant time to our trip for nothing. Oceans by Hillsong popped in the music shuffle, and then it really got me thinking, with it's lyrics, "You call me out.....the great unknown where feet may fail," and as the song continued, we climbed a large hill. It wasn't until we finally capped, finally climbed the hill/mountain, that the fog finally lifted, there was a pink, golden light significantly illuminating the mountains and ocean. Just when you think it won't work out, you want to give up, you're amidst the fog, there will be clarity. It's in the moments that we feel lost in the fog, the moments that we thought would look so different that we have to cling to hope. We have to cling to the promise of the hope in that light that appears. In fact it's always there, we're just overwhelmed by the fog. So, amidst the hills/mountains of life, keep climbing until you break through to see the light, it will be there, will always be there. 

I attempted to take photos, but obviously driving and taking photos doesn't always capture it.


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