Explore San Francisco

We took on San Francisco for 24 hours, thanks to


for getting us there. 

San Francisco to me is a city that feels like the child of New York and Los Angeles. The city doesn't feel as pretentious as Los Angeles can sometime feel, and the architecture reminds me of New York. I mean depositing a check at Wells Fargo soon turns into touring an old bank vault. There's just such cool architectural gems.

This past trip to SF I mixed in a few more tourist-y stops that I've never done, and am glad to have checked them off the list! My friend Alex had never been to SF, so we tried to hit as much as we could in 24 hours, I'd say we accomplished quite a bit!


hirardelli Square

I mean this is a tourist spot, but the chocolate smell alone is a reason to just stop in. We didn't want to fight the line, so we just popped in the side door to see the huge vats of chocolate spinning the glorious chocolate. It's fun to see the process of it all being made, and they make it easy for you to swing on in and stay for as long or as little as you'd like.

2. Ferry Building

Each time I head to SF, I make sure to hit up the Ferry building. The outdoor/indoor open market makes it fun to explore new food trends, spots, and if you travel with a large party everyone can get something they love! Make sure you stop by on Saturday to catch the Farmer's Market outside. My favorite farmer market stands are the the Rotisserie Chicken stand and the fresh flower/lavender stands.

Alex tried a grilled cheese from Cowgirl Creamery inside the Ferry Building, and it looked so unbelievably good. 

3. Blue Bottle Coffee

I am not a big coffee drinker, but there is just something about Blue Bottle Coffee. I love their New Orleans style iced coffee. Their hot coffees are equally as great, and who doesn't love a little coffee art?


Forever 21


Ray Ban

4. Brixton or Boulevard

If you're looking to not splurge too much. I love


. I had one of the best burgers I've ever had there, and the ambiance is just really cool, fun, and they have yummy cocktails as well. 

If you're celebrating something special, or willing to spend for a more luxe meal check out


They change the menu constantly to maintain the freshness of the season and produce. 

If you're needing a brunch spot I also love the Tipsy Pig. It's on a great street for window shopping, fresh juice, and more local than tourist-y.

5. Buena Vista For Irish Coffee

I've never had Irish Coffee, but Alex had a recommendation from her Dad to hit up Buena Vista, so we swung by! The place was honestly so packed, but we became friendly with a couple who were leaving and snuck their seats. To watch the coffee being made was crazy. The "baristas" poured around 30 glasses at the same time. I also met the most adorable lab puppy ever, so I was super content. The area is also fun to walk around in. Again pretty touristy, but a fun spot!


My iPhone decided to completely stop working, which shortened our 24 hour San Francisco visit. So, after traveling to the Apple store (shout out to my hero David at the Apple store for being so accommodating), they recommended a local shop to fix the phone in time for our trip back down to LA.

DE Phone Repair

is quick, budget friendly, and it is off the beaten path, but came highly recommended to us, and would recommend it right back to anyone. 

Also, we found Fall along the way (Summer is our season in LA year round)! How cool is this park we stumbled upon? Here's Alex soaking it up:

What other stops do you love in SF?