Dreamer Spotlights

Ever since I started this blog, the meaning was truly to share stories of dreamers who were living out their dreams. It began as an outlet to share my journey, and through my job as a reporter, it became my passion to share others as well. 

Whether it's an entrepreneur, actor, director, etc, there are so many forms of dreams, and I believe that we can have dreams as unique as our fingerprint. I think those that you find "most successful" have sometimes weathered the most to get to where some call the "dream job." These Dreamer Spotlights are meant to peel back the curtain, to not only inspire those that are dreaming big dreams, but to encourage and give wisdom on the reality of dreaming big!

Dreamer Spotlight Interviews (Click Their Name for Our Interview):

Abby Wambach // Two Time Gold Medalist Soccer Forward

Brian Ivie // Director and Visionary behind The Dropbox Documentary

Justin Bettman  // Justin Bettman Photography + Set In The Street