Dreamer Spotlight: Danae "Gold In The Dirt"

Danae Thompson was one of my first friends when I moved to Nashville just a few months ago.

When we first met, we planned a dinner, and over a plate of pad thai I knew she was someone I would grow close with. Her sheer tenacity, determination, and organization that she surrounds her dreams with is something to take note of. When we first met, the launch of her new pop music was on the horizon.

A few months later, it's been incredible to see the success Danae has had! Her music landed on the Hype Machine charts right next to Beyonce, and her song "Actualized" hit #10 on the Hype Machine charts. Darling Magazine named her single, "Direction," their summer anthem!

Her third single was the one that hit home most for me, "Gold In The Dirt," all about how when you build something the process is messy, whether that's a dream, a career, or a relationship. The process is tough, grueling, but there's gold in that dirt. It's a song that resonates with why If You Can Dream It, Do It was founded, dreams are grueling, they're tough, oh so tough, but they're worth it.

I sat down with Danae on the release day of "Gold In The Dirt," where we chatted about the inspiration behind the song, life as a pop artist in Nashville, and when she knew it was time to leave her job at the CIA to pursue music fully!

Check out our FB Live interview below:

What was the hardest thing about leaving your job?

"When you work for a great organization, you get used to being around supportive colleagues everyday, having access to career development opportunities and getting paid to learn new skills. When you chase your dreams and build something from scratch, the infrastructure around you is stripped away and you have to rebuild. You have to learn how to stay motivated without the work you do bringing you a guaranteed paycheck each day. It’s risky."

Advice you’d give to yourself right before you left your job, knowing what you know now?

"Just do it. You’ll never be able to figure out all the possible implications and consequences of leaving the job. And the only way to really learn is through trial and error. So just got for it and be intentional to learn everything you can from each mistake so you don’t make it again." 

What do you wish people knew about Gold In The Dirt?

"Every time I sing the song, I feel a deeper connection to the lyric because the melody is right at the top of my range. So singing it, I feel like I am literally digging deeper for the gold. Singing the song empowers me and reminds me that I’ve been working on my voice, on my writing, on my performance for years, and I’ve got what it takes to deliver it. I just have to believe in myself."

Follow Danae along her journey:

Website: http://danae.co/#listen

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danaemusic.co/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DanaeCo