Cruising With Cadillac Pt 1

This weekend,


was kind enough to let me take one of their new baby's out on the road for an adventure. I knew I had one weekend "free," to take the


on an adventure, so I set off thinking on where I could take her. Jordan, from

Packed Party,

was celebrating their

one year anniversary on Friday

, and so I decided San Francisco was the location. I also have lived in California for over 6 years, and never done the coastal drive, so I thought the Cadillac weekend was the perfect opportunity to explore the coast. 

Setting off on grand adventures can never be done alone, so I grabbed one of my best friend's Alex to accompany me on the SF road trip (who also had never been to SF!). Work commitments kept me in Los Angeles for Friday, so we sadly had to miss the Packed Party One Year Anniversary, and headed out at 6am on Saturday. To say we were tired would be an understatement. We grabbed some coffee, and hit the road, and that quickly lifted our spirits. 

We soon coined our car the "Batmobile," when you turn on the ELR, a grand startup tune plays, and it's sleek body was making the men at each stop along the way enquire about our little ride. I've never driven an electric car, so I was a tad nervous, I'd run out of charge, or the necessary gas to get all the way to San Francisco. However, anytime I felt nervous or had a question, I'd just hit the Onstar button, and the kindest people would answer my questions immediately. Even, when I wanted to know when the next gas station was, they'd let me know where it was, and ask if I wanted the directions sent to my car. "Um, yes actually that'd be amazing!," and poof my car would start telling me where to head to next. 

Alex was Queen DJ for the ride. So good in fact, that will be a separate post of road trip essentials including some of Alex's samples from our 6 1/2 and 10 hour drives. We soon realized the Bose speakers were only helping her DJ ability, the sound was so crisp, and let me tell you the streets of San Francisco had to be pleased with our Spice Girls selection we chose, windows down, and hair blowing out the windows. 

Getting away is always one of my favorite things to do. There is something magical about seeing the huge mountains, never ending ocean, open road, and fresh air whipping through your hair. More photos and my top 5 SF recommendations will be up shortly. 

We made the most of our 24 hour vacation. Found the best irish coffee, a great iPhone screen repair spot (saved the day when my iPhone decided to die completely), delicious steaks, and the best grilled cheeses out there. 

Thanks again to Cadillac to making this adventure possible. Have never felt so safe. Anytime a car got too close, vice versa, or I was backing up and there was an object, my seat would vibrate to alert me. Every detail was so thought out. 

"Adventure begins, when plans end."