DIY: All Gold, Everything

I wasn't really going to do a post on this, but after uploading a photo on Instagram, of my latest house project, I had a few people text me about how I did it. So, thought it'd make a fun DIY post. 

I just recently moved to a new apartment that has an office, and it's been my goal to make it my little haven. I work a lot, and I usually continue when I come home, whether its E!, or another job, I'm usually still cranking into the night. 

So, having an office is so nice to just get things done. However, it was looking pretty stark. I couldn't justify spending $500 on new gold bookshelf's  so I went to pick up a can of gold spray paint and prayed I wouldn't screw up anything too poorly.

I didn't sand down my bookshelves, I just wiped them with an exfoliating Clorox wipe, to remove any dust. 

I used

Montana's Gold Spray Paint

from Blick Art Supplies, and went over the bookshelves with two layers. It was SO easy, and honestly I was surprised how seamless it came out. If you are spray painting anything gold, I highly recommend the Montana Gold Spray Paint, it's not too shiny, not too matte, and it catches the light perfectly. It also feels fool-proof, even with my mistakes, you couldn't really see them. 

After letting the shelves dry. I bought some glass jars on sale at Blick Art Supplies. They were about $2-3 dollars each. I organized my glitter, pencils, and markers in the glass jars. It makes it easy to grab and take to my kitchen table to work on a larger project, and simple enough to store easily back on the shelf. 

Less than $20 spent, and I feel like I have a whole new office. 

Be careful, because it's kind of addicting. I've already spray painted various wall hangings I had, and even my prescription glasses frames. 

Happy DIY-ing.