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I was born in Cypress, Texas and lived there until I was 18 years old, and absolutely loved it! Feeling the call to move elsewhere and chase my dreams, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in Theatre and Business from the University of Southern California.

It was a huge leap of faith, because I did not know anyone, and it was completely against what my family and I had planned since I was little. I always thought (as well as my family) I would go to a university in Texas

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). But, God led me another direction and that was out of Texas, and into Los Angeles. It's was one of the hardest, most rewarding, and exciting decisions I've ever made. I have fallen in love with dreaming big, because I have seen God so faithfully work when we prayerfully accompany big dreams.

Attending USC was a catalyst into starting this blog, and ultimately chasing my dreams. It was my first big leap of faith, and I'm so glad I did it. Throughout my Freshman Year of College, I was in Seventeen Magazine sharing my journey with 14 other girls in a program called Freshman 15. It was really through that program, I "found" journalism. I wanted to be an actress, because of the powerful, impactful, and inspiring stories you can tell. Although, by telling my own story in bits in the magazine and on their site, I really began to fall in love with the platform journalism can offer by storytelling not only my journey but others as well. 

I moved to New York for a summer, interned at Seventeen's Headquarters, headed back to college, and began working at night as a Freelance Red Carpet Reporter. 

I was so thankful for the opportunity to cover large events like the Grammy's and Movie premieres 

for Seventeen while still in school. One day it just hit me between Kristen Stewart saying her favorite thing to do on set was cook for her co-stars (asparagus soup was her hit back in 2011), Zac Efron admitting he was shy, and a Grammy Winner telling me they could barely pay their bills, even though they just won a Grammy..... and even my own Instagram showcasing that I was at an amazing award show, interviewing people I'd always dreamed of, yet the reality was I left by 10:00, made cabbage salad, and stayed up all night working on my stories. 

It hit me hard that there needed to be somewhere to tell more of the journey. The journey of the Dream. The highs, the lows, the unexpected twists that occur when following and chasing after your dreams. With the way our world is shaped now, we are only privy to the front row seat of everyone's highlight reel through social media. It's my hope that this site, can be an honest, raw, and inspiring platform to encourage you, shed light on the reality of dreaming big, and ignite your passions, so that you too can chase your dreams.  

I currently reside in Los Angeles, California, and work as an Entertainment Reporter for a national network. *IfYouCanDreamItDoIt.Com is not affiliated with my employer, thoughts, and opinions are my own.*


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