5 Steps In Setting Goals

Photo by @BetsNewman Photography

I read this quote recently, "goals are just dreams with deadlines," it's cheesy but so true. In order to see a dream through, it's going to take a lot of dots to connect, a lot of smaller goals that flow into the bigger picture, the dream. 

Dreams don't come true overnight. It's important to remember that not only for your sanity, but also for when thinking of what those goals look like. 

Have you ever watched a baby learn how to walk? They can't go from lying in a crib to running down the block. Pace yourself with the same mindset!

The process of setting goals is one I've learned is a staple to stay on track towards your dream.

1. Pray About It

Don't just wait for the New Year to sit down and evaluate your goals. Start now. Pray about what's on the horizon, where you want to be, and clarity on steps to get there. 

2. Write It Down With Dates

This is KEY. Write down your goals. I think an old fashioned pen and paper is the best for the first draft. I like doing this, because it's pretty distraction free. I've learned when I try to write down my goals on my computer or phone first, I get easily distracted by all the "noise" that surrounds the screen, whether it's texts coming through, FB updates, or email notifications. Once I write down my goals on paper, I then add these goals into my phone. I've recently adopted this, and it's been a game changer. I keep my goals for reference in my phone's notepad, and pull it out when I need to be reminded of what I'm aiming towards. Finally, give yourself a deadline, this will give you something to work towards, and help keep you on track!

3. Categorize

Think in different categories when you write down your goals, I learned this from the book "Circle Maker," and it's been a huge tool when evaluating where I'm headed. 

Category Ideas:


I have also learned that before I started categorizing, I predominately had just career goals. Now, that I've started categorizing my goals, I've seen a big difference. For example, health is now something I set goals for, and before when my list was career heavy, I found myself worn out, and feeling burnt out. Thinking long term and in categories is a great way to set attainable life goals. 

Also, theme your yearly goals, I've learned this is a great way to look back at how the dots have connected to see bigger dreams come true. Remember in order for true growth to happen, it's necessary to experience many seasons!

4. Stay Accountable

Tell people you love about your goals. Make it fun, have a dinner where you share part of your list. This actually has become a family tradition for my family. We'll bring our life goal list to dinner on our family vacations and talk about dreams we've seen come to life and new goals on the horizon. 

I've upped the ante the past two years, and have actually hung my goals right out in the open in my apartments. In LA, my list was on the back of the door, and in Nashville it's hanging on my fridge. I found it to be a great reminder, and would naturally become a conversation piece as well, which in turn helped keep me accountable.

5. Celebrate Along The Way

Dreams are arduous, the road is skinny, and in the world of social media comparison it can feel like you're far from where you desire to be. Celebrate your milestones along the way, it's important to realize how far you've come, not fear on where you still have to go! 

In the vein of transparency, here are some of my 2016 goals as well as some life goals for a little template:


Stop answering emails at 10:00 pm
Turn phone over at dinner to engage with whoever I'm with
Do Yoga/Pilates twice a week
Run a half marathon (check!)


Own my own house
Tithe regularly


Get baptized by my Dad with my future husband the night before my wedding
Travel to Israel by 2020 with my family
Marry a Godly man


Get IfYouCanDreamItDoIt.Com to hit 1 Million Views
Attend the Oscars
Speak at my alma mater
Write and publish a book
Give away 200 copies of Circle Maker


Attend NFL Combine Act in a Billboard Top 100 Artist's Music Video (PS you can call my agent here if you want to partner up on this one: http://www.theblockagency.com/models/actors/844 )
Visit Shark Tank Set
Appear on Today Show
Make my own wooden table
Own an old school vintage teal or red truck
Live in Italy for a month and take cooking classes
Take Pottery Classes
Report on camera at the Olympics
Work with Fox Sports, ESPN, Nike, Under Armour, and CMT