Our Wedding Monogram


When it comes to wedding planning, it’s very easy to be overwhelmed with choices, trends, and tradition. Don’t lose yourself in the process, and identify key elements that are important to you and your fiancé! I’m preaching to the choir here, but don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s just one day, and you get a lifetime with your best friend! Okay stepping off soap box now to share one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning process, designing our monogram!

Early on when the planning started, I knew I really wanted to have a monogram, but I don’t have a typical Southern Belle style, so I wanted it to be funky and fun! Chelsea, our wedding planner, found Pigment and Parchment on Instagram, and she could not have brought our ideas more to life! It was the first thing that I felt like early on in the process helped set the tone of the wedding. I’m very visual, so identifying wedding colors and theme were almost ahead of securing the vendors in my mind. The monogram really helped solidify and move the wedding color conversation along. It’s all such a puzzle piece figuring out various elements, and how they flow together.


If you’re looking to design your monogram, pull from Pinterest, from Instagram, from your favorite brands (Show Me Your Mumu, Glossier, Create & Cultivate are just a few places I pulled for visual inspiration).

I’ve seen some crests with dogs, school alma maters, there are no rules in my mind! Of course that’s the kind of girl and bride I am, a little traditional, but wedding “rules” are more of a suggestion than a GPS to me. Here are some unique crests Rosaura designed that I looked through when we pulled ideas for ours! Rosaura actually paints each element, and combines them together to create a crest that’s unique to you and your fiancé!

You can utilize the monogram on everything from cocktail napkins, to menus, to your invites, to wedding signage, to your dance floor!

Creative Elements and Design

One of the most fun charts I filled out when working with Rosaura was the color chart! With over 100 different watercolor shades, the options were really endless, and this process came before we had solidified our colors, so this also helped just further that conversation and start to make some key decisions!

Rosaura texted me a few videos of the process while she painted the elements, it was so fun to see it all coming to life, element by element!


The end product is definitely, funky, whimsical, and most of all fun! There is a significant meaning to each symbol, and if you look at the crest going clockwise, here’s their meanings:

Small Web Crest.jpg

The Oak Tree

This particular oak tree, was painted after the one at our ranch, @stillwatersranchtx , and is a reminder to stay rooted yet branch out to where God calls us!

The Palm Leaves

An ode to our West Coast theme, and wedding design inspiration.

The Cross
This cross is actually at our ranch, and was built with some wood that we had for Outback, a ministry event that occurs there. It’s significant to our foundation, and ultimately our story 🙏

The Farm House

We’re getting married at our family’s ranch, Stillwaters Ranch, and this is a replica of the 100 year old house on the property.

The Royal Couple

Michael and I first met exchanging jokes about his need for a plus one to the Royal Wedding.

The Caladium Leaves

A crazy God story in how he revealed his faithfulness (you can read more about that here for an abbreviated version of the story). The shape of the monogram is also in a caladium leaf!

The Bees

A symbol to represent the way that we met, @bumble !

The Ferris Wheel

Our word for our wedding is whimsical, we’re really just two kids at heart, and we want guests to have fun, and enjoy the day!

The Sunset

A watercolor recreation of a sunset at the ranch!