Boho Glam Engagement Shoot

One of my best friends, Betsy, shot our engagement photos as a wedding present for Michael and I. It was so special, because of so many reasons!

  1. The obvious, marrying Michael is something that’s one of those things that just feels like God’s hand has been in since the day we met.

  2. Betsy and I had many adventures all around LA and in Malibu with and without her camera for years while we lived there. She is truly one of my best friends, and it’s one of my favorite things to collaborate and create together.

  3. MALIBU. How could anyone not be excited about shooting in Malibu?

  4. Lastly, I don’t know if any other brides feel like this, but I feel like I have very much felt lost to the wedding noise of the should, should nots, the trends, what’s hot, what’s not, that it’s made me not feel like myself. As dumb as it may sound, this just felt so me. Barefoot, hair in the wind, twirling around on the west coast.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned about wedding planning in general, is how much unsolicited and solicited advice you receive. It’s important to filter appropriately, and not to lose yourself in the process. I’m very much a beat to my own drum, and trust your gut type of person, yet I’ve still been way more affected by people’s opinions than I should. I’m sure running around town, to find a flowy skirt, or standing on a cliff in Malibu for photos isn’t most people’s cup of tea, but you’ve just got to do you, boo! Make your engagements fun, and show off your personality!

One of my dreams when getting engaged was to have Betsy shoot our engagements. Betsy gave the photos to us as our wedding present, which is something we will cherish forever. Once it started to come together I began a search for a flowy dress/skirt. I received so many great recommendations, and ultimately found a skirt I bought at Unbridaled which is also sold at BHLDN. (I’ll link all the outfits below). Betsy and I ended up coordinating the shoot day details a few days before.

We landed in LA for our layover to head back home from family vacation, and shot everything that day. I worked with Harper’s PR, and they kindly pulled the Jessica Angel emerald green dress I wore in the 3rd look, and they were gems to work with!


I got my makeup done by Hailey Hoff, and couldn’t recommend her more. She makes your skin so glowy, and can really create whatever look you’re looking for.

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 10.50.35 PM.png

For the first look, Betsy suggested we start with our most casual look, to coordinate the lighting best with our looks. I rented this boho piece from The Showroom Nashville! It’s a super fun dress that is sadly no longer sold, but you can rent from them! We also picked a location that had a variety of settings, you’d never know that all of these photos were taken just feet from the other. We did this for efficiency, time, and the other locations I had been eyeing required a hefty fee to shoot there.


The second look is my favorite, because I felt like a little kid twirling in the swirly skirt I had found, plus it’s awesome for wedding showers, and honestly could easily be a wedding skirt for your big day! I’ve linked all the items here, as well as alternatives for those that are unavailable!

I bought the jacket at Unbridaled, and unfortunately I can’t find the link to buy online directly. The designer is Rue De Siene, and you can also find their jackets sold at Lovely Bridal. Below are links to my favorite hat worn here from Lack of Color, in Ivory, as well as options for other colors, the skirt, and the bodysuit! As well as some alternative options!

For the third look, I wore a Jessica Angel dress, and Michael wore a suit from The Black Tux. The dress was definitely a showstopper, the design does a great job of sucking you in, and I loved the emerald green color.

The Black Tux is an online site that is so easy to order from and they have a variety of options. Bonus if you register with Crate and Barrel, you actually get a discount code for The Black Tux, and they’ve got a partnership with Nordstrom, so you can actually go see the products in person, as well as get your measurements. We loved the suit so much, it easily confirmed that Michael should wear something similar for our wedding! Plus they have lots of fun shoe options, that are very reasonable to rent!

Thanks Betsy for photos we’ll treasure!