Living In The Light

I recently hung out with a friend who was in town, and we talked about the struggle that is deciding to live in LA or Nashville. Both are such unique places and offer so much, yet living in the grey between two places, and constantly comparing can feel exhausting. Something I've realized over the years is no matter the place this struggle will always exist. It doesn't matter where we live. Comparing, wondering, questioning if where you are in life or what you chose is the right path for you. I've learned that in order to live the best life and to the fullest it takes a conscious effort to simply show up day in and day out in where you are today. The worry, questioning, and time wasted simply take us away from living a quality life. 

"The funny thing about chasing the past, is most people wouldn't know what to do with it if they caught it." -Atticus

As we sat on the back porch, someone in the group so profoundly said,

"If you're following your shadow, you're going the wrong way. Follow the light."

So, simple, yet so profound, I just had to share.