Quinoa Dreams

I just home from covering a red carpet for Nashville Insider, and opened up my freezer to heat up some quinoa.

Red carpets are always so inspiring, because you have the unique opportunity to travel back in time a bit, peel the curtain back, talk about the hardships that defined someone, and paved the path to where they are today. 

I popped the quinoa in the microwave, and begin to simmer on what one well known music artist told me tonight about how he used to sleep on the couch at his publisher's office in the room he wrote his songs in. A distant reality to the life he now leaves, but something integral to his journey. As the microwave ticked away heating up the quinoa, I thought about how it was similar to dreaming.

Tiny pieces of quinoa come packaged as small grains. It's not until heat, water, and time are added that those tiny pieces become bigger, better, and transform. The process reminds me of dreaming, it begins as a small grain, it's a tough, difficult, and hard process.

And if you are dreaming big enough it will be filled with lots of "heat," and trials. However, without those trials, without having patience with time, we'd never be anything more than a small version of ourselves, and of our dreams.

If we don't dare to dream, and take a chance on our dreams, we merely remain a small piece encapsulating the potential of what we could be. 

Dreaming big is synonymous with experiencing hardship, lots of trials, "unraveling", but the process is transformative. Transformative to become something, something greater than how we began. 

So, as I sit in my tiny apartment, wearing a heavily discounted jumpsuit from years prior, eating a dinner of quinoa at 11 pm at night, I'm thankful for the process. It's difficult, it's unraveling, but in the long run it's worth it. It's transformative, and as messy as it can look, there's beauty in the breakdown. 

Matthew 17:20