Tebow Defends Dreams

In a clip that has now gone viral with close to 7 million views on Facebook, Tim Tebow fights and defends his dreams to ESPN broadcaster Stephen Smith. 

In the clip, Smith asks Tebow, "Your chances of success seem to be greater in the sport of football than baseball, so what's wrong with someone looking at you and saying that's what you should be doing?"

The 29 year-old responded, "Well, it's fine if they look at me and say that's what I should be doing, but they're not me." 

"When are dreams based on chances? Dreams are based on something that's in your heart that are passions, that are something that you want to go try, not on chances." (tweet that)

"I'm so grateful that I get to go pursue something, even if it's a long shot versus something that, 'yeah I might be able to go do, and go do pretty well, but if it's not in my heart, why am I going to do that?"

"I think that's something that's unfortunate in society, is a lot of people just go do what they feel like they should do, and live with the status quo, and go live by all these rules, and 'hey this is going to be okay,' just go accept your average 9-5, rather than striving for something."

"Because the ultimate goal, isn't to succeed or fail. The ultimate goal is to give it everything you have for something that's on your heart, and a dream, and pursuing that."

"If you get to live out your dream every single day, than the result doesn't matter." (Tweet That)

"I can look back twenty, thirty years from now, and be able to look at this time, and say, 'you know what?' I gave everything I had to football, to baseball, and I was able to live out some dreams, and in my opinion, that's pretty awesome!"

It's no wonder this clip has gone viral. The interview resonated with so much of why this site was created, because dreams are important, dreams are meant to be lived out, whether you "fail" or "succeed," the journey is worth it. We weren't created to be mundane. 

Tebow's interview reminded me a lot of what Chris Tomlin and Cam Newton said to me in regards to their dreams when I interviewed them. 

When Tomlin discussed beginning his music career in our interview, he recalled, "There were no record companies beating down my door, there was no publishers, there was no album. I didn't have a band, there was none of that. It was me, an acoustic guitar, and my 4-runner."

It's not about achieving a certain amount of success, it's about listening to that call, taking it, and showing up every day, despite the challenges, despite the nay-sayers.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton noted in our interview, "There are going to be challenges, but it’s important to remember who you are, and believing in the plan." 

Coincidentally, both Tomlin and Newton have endorsed Tebow's new book Shaken, all about your identity when things aren't going according to planned. Help me add Tim to the interview list by tweeting him (click for tweet).

"Life isn’t easy. We all experience the ups and downs of relationships, career, and choices. Some of our best plans go awry. Lifelong dreams don’t come true. People fail us, and we fail others too. Maybe worst of all is the heartbreak of rejection." Order Tim's new book here.

Finally, the interview reminded me of one of my favorite quotes, 

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!” -Hunter Thompson