Reaching, Grasping, Getting

Reaching, reaching, and reaching. 

Sometimes I have those moments. Wait, let's be honest it's a lot more than sometimes. Those moments of reaching, and curiosity if you'll ever get there. 

You're reaching for goals, you're reaching for more, and it feels like you're simply clutching air. 

Where to after? What's up next... and the internal tirade of questions continue to flood your brain. 

The blessing and curse of having a big vision or dream is that you want to get there, and you want to see it realized. What I've come to know more and more, is that I can't get frustrated at myself that I'm not there yet. It's so easy for me to do so. To look down the path and feel like there are miles ahead. 

What is easy, is stopping. Stopping, and allowing those moments of frustration to seep in and halt the whole process. 

But, that's when you can't. That's when it's most important to keep reaching, even if it feels like you're reaching for air.

What I've learned, and continue to learn, is it is absolutely necessary to set small goals in order to reach your dream. The small goals that feel minute, are absolutely necessary and vital. The goals to meet 2 people in your industry for coffee, are ultimately the ones that seem minute, easy to write off, but these are the goals that pave the path. 

So, if you're feeling like you're reaching for nothing, it might be, because you only see the end goal. 

Challenge yourself. Set smaller goals for yourself, reach for those. Those smaller goals will lead, and continue to pave the path towards your ultimate dream and vision. 

On another note//

I recently bought this pillow, because I couldn't part with the saying that was printed upon it, "Do Dreamers Really Sleep?" I legitimately laughed aloud in Bed Bath and Beyond. 

It's so easy for me to get caught up in the huge dreams, the ideas, and the big picture ideas, that I not only lose sleep but ultimately fail to forget it takes many small steps to accomplish this journey. I get sincerely frustrated and down on myself when I feel like I'm not where I want to be. 

It's in this moment that made me want to write this, because it's in this moment I can't forget. I can't forget that even the smallest goals or accomplishments, no matter how small I want to write them off to be in comparison to my large, overwhelming dream, are absolutely necessary.

"Doubt Kills More Dreams, More Than Failure Ever Will."

So if you're feeling overwhelmed, grab a pen and paper, and write down 2-3 new feasible goals for yourself. Remember, a marathon is really just thousands of small steps, each plays a part in finishing the race, and without them, the race would never get finished.


Mix n Match

I love the idea of mixing menswear into your wardrobe. 

I took this men's shirt, and paired it with a long, full, twirly skirt by Bel and Beau. 

I found this Elvis shirt in the Men's section at Urban Outfitters. If you are looking for a cool and fun graphic tee. The Men's department at Urban has some fun ones to sift through.

Elvis has always been iconic to me. I have a cardboard cutout of Elvis in my childhood room, among Marilyn Monroe and I Love Lucy memorabilia. So, when I saw this shirt, I knew I had to get it. The shirt is pretty boxy, so I tucked it into this fun skirt to give it more shape!

Don't be afraid to look in the men's section for your wardrobe, you just might stumble upon a gem! I love Men's sunglasses, graphic tees, and beanies.

Elvis Shirt:


Gold Pave Bracelet:

Gold Necklace:

Soul -spiration

I love pick me up quotes. I love by reading a nugget, you can feel the depth of a chapter. I love the imagination and applicability of quotes or scripture. In midst of a chaos, sometimes a sentence can help reshape your thinking, or inspire you to reshape your thinking.

Sometimes, you have weeks that just don't feel like things are going your way. I recently had one of those, and once it starts, it feels like it just won't stop.

My recent challenges are miniscule in comparison to what so many people are going through. My car got broken into at my place, my belongings were stolen, and I've just had a few challenges continue following my car break in.

I love LA, in a way that can't eloquently be described in words. It's electricity, it's passion, it's creativity, and overall drive challenge and inspire me. The things I love most about LA though, can sometimes be equally as challenging. I love all the people that call LA home, but man there are a whole lot of us. In moments of needing to be somewhere important, I'm stuck in 2 hours of traffic for a 10 mile journey. It's far away from people who I adore-- I don't remember the last time I spent Mother's, Father's day, or Easter with my family, has to be at least 5 years.

But, it's where I know I'm supposed to be right now. These challenges aren't LA based though, it's life -based, these things can happen everywhere. It's just life occurrences, it's apart of growing up, and sometimes these things occur and shake us,make you feel unsettled and/or fearful. So, here are a few quotes I've been finding encouraging over this past month:


Weekend Wear- Overallin'

So, I'm all about trends, but the Overalls trend I was slow to jump on the train of. Mainly, because I'm tall, and most of the styles made me look like I was a 20 something who was held back and left in the 5th grade. I scoured the stores, internet, and behold have found the most comfy and stylish pair. They have been my UPS prize, as they got backordered, and I've been waiting for the package for a month and a half.

This weekend, I finally got my Overalls, and it's safe to say I will be living in these on the weekend. They are easy to make trendy, or casual, whatever look you want to go for. I wore mine to the Rose Bowl Flea Market, which is a monthly gem if you've never been, church, and running errands with friends.

I paired my overalls 
Shop these Overalls:

with an "arm party":

Shop this Arm Party:
Marc Jacobs Bracelet
Gold Skinny Bracelet, (Gift)
Gold Pave Chain BraceletSimilar Option for $7
Gold Clasp, Forever 21, No Longer Available

Added my favorite wedges:
Shop These Wedges:

Finished off the look with pink/orange aviators and a few layered necklaces:
Shop These Shades:

Necklace (A Steal at $8.80):
Shop This Necklace:

Topped the look off with a hat, because sometimes I just can't tame this mane.
Shop this similar hat:


Anthro Loving- 15% off today only

Today, only, Anthropologie is offering 15% off all items if you sign up to become an Anthro member (or if you already are one)! 

Anthropologie, is one of those stores I can always find a "knick knack" or two. I pulled a few of my favorite things I've been eyeing. Of course, Anthro has amazing clothes, but I feel like their house items don't get the credit they deserve, you can find great deals for gifts or for your own home. 

Want the discount? Here's the link:

Happy Shopping!
Toodles, Lindsey

Nailed It

I'm not one to always have polish on my hands, mainly because I chip it easily, and well life happens far ahead of fresh polished nails. However, I do love a fresh new look. Here are a few of my favorite looks, and favorite little rings I've had my eye on.

I've been obsessed with matte nails for the past year, and found out how to do it myself which saves you a trip to the nail store, and honestly made me feel/look way more skilled at nails. It gives your nails a professional, sleek look, and if you're like me it covers up those hasty mistakes. I can never time drying off those darn nails long enough. But, when you cover up with a matte top coat it smoothes it right over. Here is a shot of what my matte nails look like. The purple Essie color is included in the collage above, as well as the matte top coat.

Being that I'm Casper pale, I was weary of donning white nails, but I just tried the look, and love it! It's a crisp way to bring on Summer, and really polishes your look.

Pastel Pink
I love shades of pink, and this particular shade of pink is one that is sought after, sold out regularly, and if you don't already have it, get it, no seriously it's the best. Fiji by Essie is my favorite shade of all time. As soon as you try, you'll soon see why. It's chic, yet bright, and not overwhelming, so it compliments all looks.


Feeling funky? Spend a few extra dollars and get pampered, find a fun salon in town that does great designs. Stalk their Instagram and Yelp accounts to get an idea of a look you want to create. One of my favorite LA spots is Olive and June, how cute is it? My friend, Lynette, always has such creative designs, and I know I'll get my moneys worth when I go visit her. It's always fun to get a little art on your hands, when you have a special event coming up, music festival, or just need a little pick me up!

Where'd They Go?

"Where'd all the good guys go?"

I can't even count how many times I've heard this statement recently. I've heard it said from people I just met to old friends. It seems to be a common statement among my friends who are dating or single. The issue isn't always the frustration with our current dating situation, but seeing it contrasted against snapshots of friends in a different situation, on the same timeline. It's a filter of what we want, but have not yet discovered or found.

I grew up in church, and remember those "Wait for the right one" type talks. This is my issue with the word "waiting" in terms of dating. It sounds passive. I totally get why it's used, but it sounds like you're putting your life on hold to find someone. It puts you in the back seat, rather than the front seat. It sounds like you're living your life "reactively."

Instead of questioning where did all the good guys go or "waiting" around. Go out there and live. Live and live life well. 

If there is something you've been dying to pick up or somewhere you've always wanted to go, save your money, find a friend, and go! Instead of sitting back and "waiting," better yourself into the person you want to be. Instead of focusing on the characteristics you are looking for in someone else, sharpen them in you. Sharpen and define those characteristics in yourself. 

Lastly, just don't settle. Know your value, know you are worthy, and don't discount it, don't cheapen yourself to not being treated well. 

"A lack of boundaries invites a lack of respect."

So, what if we changed the conversation, single folks, instead of where are they or "he's just not ......"? Into, where am I, and who do I want to be? 


D- Town Boogie (Style Details)

This past weekend, I went and visited one of my best friend's Kate who moved to Dallas. We met in Los Angeles in college, and I haven't gotten to see her "Dallas" life, so we finally found a date that worked for me to visit! When the trip got closer we realized, some of our guy friends had planned a trip to Dallas as well, so it ended up being a great crew of LA friends in Dallas!

On Saturday, Kate and I went for a quick brunch at Company Cafe. It was so nice, so we sat outside, then explored the area around the cafe. We stumbled upon this chalkboard leaning up against the back of a restaurant. In bold white letters, the top of the board read, Before I Die, and below it were many scribbled colored chalk dreams. It was so crazy to see how different each line was from the next. I grabbed  a piece of chalk and added to the plethora of dreams that graced the board. It was such a surprise to find the board, and the goals I wrote down are still etched clearly in my mind. What a fun idea someone decided to start, it left me feeling inspired.

After brunch we headed to meet our guy friends at The Rustic. It was magical. Everyone was just sitting at large picnic tables, enjoying the day and the company they had with them. Country music was blasting, and it made me feel like I was 16 again, with each old tune that played. If you're in Dallas, it's definitely a fun spot to check out. We cooled down from the Texas heat, and a quick game of bean bag toss. It was such a great afternoon and weekend.

One of those weekends that refreshed my soul. Quality time with some of my favorite people, exploring and discovering Dallas.

Style Details
Here's what I wore on Saturday. I'm OBSESSED with this new Maxi dress from Asos. I'm tall, and always have trouble finding dresses that are long enough, and this does the trick. I paired the bright neon dress, with a fun pop of pink on my lip and carried the color through to my bag.

For the accessories- I have been loving the mid finger ring trend, but haven't found good ones yet. I've bought lots of cheap mid finger rings, but they keep turning my fingers green. So, I bought the smallest size Nordstrom offered in these gold stackable rings, and made them into mid finger rings! The price comes out to be a little over $10 a ring, which was what I was paying for the cheap ones I had before that were half the quality.

You can find links to my outfit at the top and bottom of this post. Happy Shopping, Xo!

Sunglasses; Similar
Purse; Similar

Lip Color
Eye Makeup


Fiesta Summer

When I grew up in Texas, my friends and I would wear embroidered "Mumus" to camp. I never was obsessed with the look, because it wasn't the most flattering. Lately, I've found so many "Mumu's" "redesigned," ones that have better shape, and in a greater span of colors. So, in honor of my love for the "remade" Mumu, I've put together some of my favorite Fiesta trends for this season, with pops of neon to spice up your look. I always love the versatility of items I buy, and these accessories can transfer from day to night pretty seamlessly! Also, how adorable are those Free People sneakers? ((Hover over the image, and when you click it, it will take you to the retailer's site. Happy shopping, Xo!)) Toodles, Lindsey

True Value//

About a month ago I had lunch with a stylist I had met through work. I’d interviewed him a few times about iconic looks he’d created, but we’d never officially met. So, when he was in LA, we finally got to meet up.

We met up at the Beverly Hills Polo Lounge, and even though we never met, once we sat down, it felt like I had known him for quite a bit. We were cracking up, talking about our love for Texas, and swapping fun stories. It was so refreshing amongst the crisp white tablecloths of the Beverly Hills Hotel, to have such a real conversation. Even with the amazing work he has done, and entitlement he could have because of his work, he was anything but that. 

When we were ordering, our waiter complimented him on his necklace. It was a neat necklace, definitely a statement piece. As our food was delivered, the waiter politely asked where it was from. He didn’t remember the exact store, but it was vintage, so unfortunately there wasn’t an easy way to find or tell the waiter how to find a recreated piece. As we finished up our last bites, our waiter politely, yet so sincerely, studied the necklace, then was moved to ask another question about the piece. “What’s it made of? Do you know where it’s from?” The necklace might have been from Ethiopia and made out of a type of wood or stone, but it was unclear, so he gave the most educated answer he could to the waiter’s inquisitive and endearing questions. 

As we sipped on water and payed the bill. He looked at me, and said, “What do you think Lindsey, should I give it to him?” I didn’t know. I didn't know how much it was, it looked expensive, and it was such a cool necklace, it was circular, on a cool brown chain, holding a large white pendant with a lion carved into it. “I mean if you want to, what do you think?” He responded, “Well, you know to me, it’s just a fashion piece," but to him it seems like it could be so much more. With his last sentence, he backed his chair up, walked up to our waiter, and handed the necklace to him. It was moving to watch from afar, watching the waiter’s eyes slowly water. When we exited, he told me about what the waiter told him about the meaning it triggered, it reminded him of his sister, who was a Leo (the Lion symbol), and his home country of Ethopia, by the way he talked about his sister it sounded like she had possibly passed away. I was really moved, because, it was so bold, generous, and endearing. We then headed down the red carpet to wait for our cars at valet. 

As we were chatting and waiting for our cars, a girl with a camera approached us. She explained she was a street blogger, and wanted to interview us for her blog. Timidly, I wasn’t sure if he would want to, and I wasn't quite sure myself, so I waited for him to respond. “Sure!!,” he said. Thus began our interviews. Her questions were thought provoking and deep. One she asked me has stuck with me to this day, “What was the greatest pain other than physical pain that you have experienced?” It caught me off guard. I traced my brain, and spurted something honest, and scattered as I pieced together a reasoning. 

The answer instantly caused me to reflect, because if that never would have happened. I might not have ever moved to LA, have the job I have, and be on this lunch meeting with not only this incredible stylist but most importantly incredible human. He taught me and reminded me so much of what I needed to be reminded of. Value. True Value. It’s so easy in this industry to be caught by the glitter, the glimmer, yet it is so unbelievably refreshing to meet someone, who is at the peak of what others dream of and aspire to reach half of what he has done, yet hasn't lost the sight of true value. 

So, fast forward to a week ago. I was catching up with a friend. When we ordered our appetizer, our waitress complimented my earrings. When she brought out our drinks, she complimented the color combination and how different it was. As we finished our meal, and she took our plates, she said how she just wanted to paint them. So, I instantly thought back to my lunch 4 weeks ago. I felt that same gut feeling, and could hear my friend’s voice in my head, “It’s just a fashion piece to me, but to her it seems like it could really be meaningful.” We payed the bill, and I flipped the receipt over, wrote “Happy Painting,” took off my earrings, and left them on my napkin next to the receipt.

Value, true value exists far beyond fashion pieces, status, and fame. So thankful for my new friend to remind me of that, and for full circle moments, because without them, we'd never be able to tell how far we've come.


Trash Into Treasure- DIY Your Sparkling Water/Wine Bottle into a Glitter Vase

       Last week, I bought a Pellegrino water for $3.50 at the grocery store, once I finished it I realized it was such a cool bottle, and wanted to figure out a way to repurpose it. 

       The only issue was I couldn’t get those stubborn labels off the bottle. I tried peeling it, rubbing it off, but nothing worked, so I turned to Google. I found a few different ways you could remove labels, boiling water, cooking the bottle in an oven, and baking soda. Knowing how clumsy I am, I opted for the baking soda option. It was basically magic the way the label came off. Once the label was off, I then could create a unique gold, glittered vase for our house!

So, here are the steps for recreating the same glittery vase for your home/apartment!

What you’ll need:

  •         A glass bottle (Sparkling Water or Wine Bottle)

  •         Glitter
  • (I bought my glitter, Gold Halo, at Paper Source) 

  •          Painter’s Tape

  •          Baking Soda 


1.    Fill up your sink with water. I used room temp/cool water and place your bottle in the sink. It helps if you let a little water inside the bottle, so it doesn’t float. Then, pour 3 tablespoons of baking soda into the water, swirl it around so it’s all mixed in. 

2.    After about 15-30 minutes the label should be loose, and can be easily peeled off. If there’s any glue residue, just rub it with a dish towel.

3.    Next, take your painter’s tape and line off an area of the bottle that you’d like to be colored. On my Pellegrino bottle there was a prominent line, so I just taped just below it. Make sure you don’t double up on tape, by another layer, because your line won’t be as clear.

4.    Take either your spray paint or adhesive glue and spray the lined area. I sprayed mine gold first, so there would be a good base coat. 

5.    About 5 minutes later, I then sprayed the adhesive and sprinkled gold glitter on top of the wet adhesive. I let it sit for about 5 minutes.

6.    Finally, hold the top of your bottle, and peel the painter’s tape away! If there’s any leftover spray or glue that got outside the lines, wipe them away with a wet dish towel or sponge.

7.    Viola! Fill your vase with your favorite flowers!

If you’re line isn’t as straight as you’d like add a piece of twine to tie a bow around the bottle to dress it up and camoflauge the line. You can also place your new “vase” on a piece of burlap to catch any extra glitter. The perfect centerpice, apartment freshner, or hostess gift!